Rehearsal Space

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Instead of spending extra money to rent a space for you to rehearse, Bandit Lites can provide one at no additional cost! As a Bandit client, you have access to our world-class facilities, including rehearsal and programming suites. Utilize more than 10,000 square feet in complete privacy, meaning no other artists will be in the vicinity of the facility when you are present.

What We Offer

Our facilities are located 15 minutes from downtown Nashville and are equipped with a wide variety of features. These include:

  • Virtual Programming Suites
  • Quick, Easy Load-In and Load-Out
  • Accommodations for Lights, Set, Monitors, and Back Line for Full Rehearsal
  • Ample Bus Parking
  • High-Speed WIFI Access
  • Locked, Secure Areas for Valuables
  • Easy Access to Inventory for Your Show
  • Dressing Room
  • Kitchen Areas and Bathrooms

Technical Specifications

Large Floor Space

The rehearsal floor space is 40'd x 80'w x 30'h.

Loading Docks

Two truck docks and one drive up ramp are attached to the space.

High Hang Capacity

Venue One is able to support up to 40,000lbs of hang capacity.

Venue One Location

1600 J P Hennessy Dr,

La Vergne, TN 37086

(615) 641-9000