Lighting Excellence Amplified: Bandit Lites Bolsters Inventory with Claypaky Sharpy X Frames Investment

NASHVILLE, TN –Bandit Lites is once again leading the way in new technology as it adds a massive amount of new Claypaky Sharpy X Frames to its touring arsenal. Bandit is the first company in the world to send the Sharpy X Frames on the road, showcasing once again its commitment in bringing its clients the best in lighting.

With its compact yet powerful build, the Sharpy X Frame offers versatility and performance to lighting designers. With advanced optics, customizable settings that allow for endless creative possibilities from dynamic beam effects to stunning aerial displays, the Sharpy X Frames are sure to captivate audiences around the world.

“I am very excited to have these in our inventory to offer our clients,” said Jake Tickle, Bandit Lites Vice President of Business and Innovation. “Claypaky somehow found a way to create what may be the most complete Hybrid Beam fixture in its category. From smooth, even output to intense beams, the Sharpy X Frame really does it all.”

Bandit wasted no time in getting the Sharpy X Frames out on tour with American blues guitarist and singer Gary Clark, Jr. (lighting design by John Adamo and Robert Fuller), The Used (lighting design by Dillon Pajunas and Joe Nicoletti) and HARDY’s set at Patriot Fest (lighting design by Trevor Drawdy). Other tours are in the planning phase now.

“I’ve always been a fan of Claypaky color,” continued Tickle. “The saturated blues and reds always impress. It’s a beautiful fixture optically as well, with a great depth of field, zoom range and framing to top it off. I’m very excited to have these in our inventory to off our clients.”

Bandit is grateful to the team at Claypaky and the amazing people at ICD for facilitating this purchase. The back up, support and service from Gary Mass, Noel Duncan and all at ICD coupled with the support of Claypaky assures Bandit will be able to allow our clients to Experience Excellence again with these groundbreaking new fixtures.

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