Dude Perfect Lets Loose the Panda-monium with Bandit Lites and 46 Entertainment

NASHVILLE, TN – Viral internet sensations Dude Perfect recently wrapped their high octane 24-city Panda-monium Tour with a lighting system designed by 46 Entertainment and provided by Bandit Lites. Former college roommates Tyler “Beard” Toney, Cory and Coby Cotton, Garrett “Purple Hoser” Hilbert, and Cody “Tall Guy” Jones famous for their crazy stunts and trick-shot battles have amassed 59.6 million YouTube subscribers and 11.8 million Instagram followers.

For Dude Perfect’s second tour, Davis Kornegay and Mason Felps utilized a larger LED surface for the eye-popping family-friendly content of silly competitive battles, audience-involved games and dynamic tricks.

“The interactive content is really the backbone of this show,” said Felps. “This year’s design was less beams and more tasteful color washes/looks. Davis did a great job on the design this year.”

Bandit Lites supplied more than one hundred fixtures including Clay Paky Sharpys, Elation Color Chorus 12, Elation Seven Batten 72 Seven Batten Frost, Martin MAC Viper Profiles and Showline Nitro 510C. Two grandMA 3 consoles provided control.

When illuminating stunts and games, Felps shared the biggest lighting hurdle always was key light.

“Having enough fixtures to cover any section of the stage at any given time was a challenge,” he said. “Chris Noll did a fantastic job as always making sure the Dudes were never in the dark.”

Bandit Lites Chris Noll worked as the lighting director and programmer for the tour, providing impactful lighting to the off the wall antics.

“As always, the Bandit team delivered top notch service,” said Felps. “Bubbles (Hayley Elliot) and Lucas Gamez did a fantastic job keeping the rig at 100 percent every day. Chris did a fantastic job on the programming side of things.”

“I enjoy working with Mason and 46 Entertainment and look forward to when Dude Perfect is on the road,” said Bandit Lites Client Representative Mike Stanley. “The Bandit crew kept it running smooth and I appreciate the work they put in day to day.”

“I do not think this show could have gone any better… Well, maybe except the Vipers being covered in cheese puffs/Cheetos every night. Sorry TSD!”

Davis Kornegay – Lighting / Production Designer

Lauren Cox – Tour Producer (46 Entertainment)

Mason Felps – Production Manager / Lighting Designer (46 Entertainment)

Chris Noll – Lighting Director / Programmer

Dan Fletcher – Disguise Programmer

Cour Design – Content/Creative Direction

Hayley Elliot – Lighting Crew Chief

Lucas Gamez – Bandit Lighting Technician

Jeremy Collins – Stage Manager

Don Lockridge – Bandit Lites Project Manager

Mike Stanley – Bandit Lites Client Representative

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