Bandit Lights up Tim Tebow, Phil Wickham and Cory Asbury Easter Celebration at the Bristol Motor Speedway Food City Dirt Race

BRISTOL, TN – Bandit Lites recently illuminated the stage at the Bristol Motor Speedway live Easter celebration service. American sports icon and evangelist Tim Tebow and highly acclaimed and award-winning Christian musicians Phil Wickham and Cory Asbury Sunday, April 9, prior to the start of the historic Food City Dirt Race.

The BMS Easter celebration preceded the start of the Food City Dirt Race NASCAR Cup Series race and aired nationally on FOX and PRN Radio. Tebow provided a faith based message while Asbury and Wickham performed several songs.

Production designer Scott Moore and Lighting designer Mark Carver sought to integrate lighting fixtures with the upstage LED wall display that would evoke energy as well as read well on camera.

“These fixtures would also need to provide various unique looks and flexibility while fitting in the space allowed,” said Carver. “We also attempted to use IP rated fixtures as much as possible for an outdoor event.”

Bandit supplied more than 165 fixtures including Ayrton Khamsin S, Chauvet Maverick MK3 Spots, Chauvet Color STRIKE M, Chauvet COLORado Solo Batten IP 65, Elation Proteus Maximus IP 65, Elation Proteus Rayzor 760 IP 65, Elation ACL 360 Bars, Elation SixPar 100 IP 65, Elation Chorus Line 16, MegaLite Circa Scoops LED and two grandMA 2 Full consoles for control.

Load in and programming took place in the same day with the show occurring on the following day followed by an immediate load out.

“Bandit’s pre-show prep and the condition of the gear were crucial to meeting the time frame,” said Carver. “The crew and gear were well prepared and worked flawlessly to produce a 100% system, fulfilling the specification given. Thanks to (Project Manager) Matt King, Justin Wilk, Jemma Hutchens, Kristen Armstrong and Mike Golden.

Production Designer: Scott Moore

Lighting Designer: Mark Carver

Lighting Programmer:  Luke Carver

Media Programmer: Tony Fransen

Production Assistant: Jennifer Dillingham

Stage Manager: Jason Blasing

Bandit Client Representative: Mike Golden

Bandit Project Manager: Matt King

Bandit Crew Chief: Justin Wilk

Bandit Tech: Jemma Hutchens

Bandit Tech Kristen Armstrong

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