Chase M. Strickland Named Bandit Lites Business Manager

NASHVILLE, TN – Chase M. Strickland has worked in and around Bandit since a very young age, starting in the shop and eventually moving on to the road. This experience provided Strickland with a wide view of the operations. Additionally, he has watched his father, Michael T. Strickland, in action since he was born, giving him an exceptionally close perspective of exactly how Bandit operates.

Armed now with a degree in Business Management from the University of Tennessee, Strickland has assumed the role of Business Manager at Bandit’s headquarters in Knoxville. He is tasked with a wide variety of business functions as he expands his role, working closely with VP of Operations Roth Edwards, CFO Sharon Draper, Media Relations Coordinator Sharon Gross, VP of Business and Innovation Jake Tickle and Chair Michael T. Strickland.

“I am incredibly excited to begin my full-time career at Bandit Lites,” said Chase M. Strickland. “I hope to build on past successes that have played a role in solidifying Bandit’s position as an industry leader, as well as provide a fresh outlook on opportunities going forward. I have grown up around this business and I am eager to see what lies ahead.”

“Having a new, young, fresh perspective is critical to growth in any firm,” said Michael T. Strickland. “Chase is one of several new people that will guide Bandit for the next 55 years! I am very proud of Chase and excited to have him working as part of this unbelievable team. Like everyone, he has a lot to learn. We all drink from a firehouse daily in order to maintain the highest degree of Excellence.”

As Bandit celebrates its 55th birthday this year, the future is brighter than ever because of Chase and the many great people at Bandit!

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