Bandit Lites and Nick Whitehouse First to Tour with VL3600 PROFILE IP Lights on Carrie Underwood

NASHVILLE, TN – Fireplay Lighting Designer Nick Whitehouse chose the all new, never before used Vari-Lite VL3600 PROFILE IP fixtures as his workhorse light on Carrie Underwood’s upcoming DENIM & RHINESTONES TOUR.

“Bandit Lites has been a part of the Carrie family since day one,” shared Bandit Lites Chair and founder, Michael T. Strickland.

Whitehouse’s third tour with Carrie Underwood is once again massive in scale with a host of new fixtures. Underwood, Whitehouse and Bandit Lites will all be part of the world premiere of this amazing fixture, and the smaller, lighter, featured filled LED is packed with things that will satisfy all designers.

“The VL3600 PROFILE IP is the workhorse with nearly 100 on the show,” said Strickland. “Nick spent considerable time deciding on instrumentation and the VL3600 was the right light for the job. Carrie’s tour is massive and takes up an entire arena floor, meaning there is no doubt this tour like all past tours will sell out and create quite a buzz. Furthermore, she is once again nominated for the coveted CMA Awards Entertainer of the Year Award; the tour heads out the first of October so it will be in mid-steam when the awards are announced.”

Bandit’s VP of Business and Innovation Jake Tickle received several demos and introductions to the VL3600 from the Vari-Lite team and he gives it a big thumbs up. Bandit then worked with both Whitehouse and the Vari-Lite team to assure delivery of the fixture in time for this to be the first tour in the world to use them. Bandit finally took the extraordinary step of flying the fixtures from the factory into the US to assure they arrive on time and are ready to go.

“Bandit is excited to be part of this groundbreaking moment and thanks both the Carrie Team and Nick Whitehouse for again working with Bandit,” finished Strickland. “Be sure to catch Carrie Underwood DENIM & RHINESTONES TOUR at an arena near you this fall. The show will be spectacular as always and Nick Whitehouse will deliver the magic he has long been known for.”