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Static cycle brings 'boxes' to life at bandit lites venue one

March 11, 2020 | Category: Print

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – When Alaskan rock band Static Cycle found themselves in need of a location to shoot their latest music video, “Boxes,” Bandit Lites offered use of their rehearsal space, Venue One, a 10,000 square foot facility equipped with the capabilities of hanging a rig, virtual programming rooms and more. The band, comprised of Jared Navarre, Andy Sheridan and Lester Estelle Jr. have been dubbed the “hottest rock band out there” by MTV.

“Like the songs on their upcoming album, the music video (directed by David Bradley) for “Boxes” features a unique aesthetic that acts as part of a larger narrative, with the song and video serving as chapters in a story, allowing the band to introduce characters that they will bring to life in a “one-of-a-kind, immersive live show.”

“It’s dramatically different than a traditional live rock show,” said lead singer Jared Navarre. “It’s a hybrid between Cirque Du Soleil, Blue Man Group and live theater. It’s an experience unlike anything in hard rock.”

Lighting designer Carter Fulghum configured a versatile plot using a box truss that could transition between big, concert moments and tighter, more intimate looks. The band started in the center of the box with a mid truss above them outfitted with GLP Impression X4 fixtures. These not only painted the set but also supplied zooms for beams. GLP X4S lights were placed on floor-standing side trusses for a low side light as well as beams for the high-energy, concert looks. Elation Paladins provided big washes of color across the set, and Chauvet Rogue RH1 and Martin MAC Vipers supplied punchy beams.

“VL 3500 Spots were there for lighting the band, mainly because of their framing capability,” Fulghum said. “This gave the band a unique look from everything else. The Freedom Pars worked great for lighting the set due to their wireless DMX and battery power; this allowed us to move them anywhere we needed in case there were dark spots that needed filling.”

To evoke the look of a big top circus, Fulghum up lit a parachute as the centerpiece for the shoot using Chauvet Freedom Pars, later hanging it to give the band the space to perform. By hanging it from strings that wouldn’t show up in shots, it looked as though it was floating overhead. 

“We had to pay attention to the focus of the lights shooting around it to not give away the trick though, and it also blocked some of the lighting,” explained Fulghum before adding, “but another happy side effect was that it took light well, so being back lit made it look really interesting.”

Fulghum described the Venue One space as perfect, noting that its rigging capabilities lent itself to the black box thought process, and at one point, even inspiring Bradley to utilize the pre-viz spaces as part of the video with a curtain opening to reveal the performance area.

“It is safe to say that creativity was in no short supply for this video shoot,” said Bandit Lites Business Development Officer, Brent Barrett. “I found Jared’s concept thought-provoking, the presentation magical and I believe everyone went away pleased with what was accomplished. The entire entourage involved in this shoot were an absolute pleasure to have in our building and we are most appreciative to have had this opportunity.”

“The Bandit team of Brent Barrett and Project Manager Matt King did a great job of adapting to these changes and making them happen,” finished Fulghum. “Michael Strickland was very generous with the use of his facility and lighting equipment.”

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