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danny gokey dove awards performance shines with bandit lites and chris lisle

October 24, 2017 | Category: Print

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE –  Bandit Lites was proud to provide the lighting for Danny Gokey’s performance at the 48th Annual Gospel Music Association Dove Awards. The GMA Dove Award Winner took the stage October 18 with a lighting design by Chris Lisle, with the televised show airing October 22 on Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Considering the design had to roll on and off stage as quickly as possible, fit within the allotted stage space all while looking sharp and dynamic for both the audience and for television, Lisle crafted looks by utilizing GT truss with Robe Pointe fixtures mounted on top.

“These three trusses rolled in behind the risers to create some big, impactful aerial looks,” Lisle explained. “By the time we took the stage, we had the fixtures powered and ready to go in under two minutes.”

In addition to the Tyler Truss and Robe Pointes, Bandit Lites also supplied Ayrton MagicBlades.

“Danny’s management team wanted his performance to look big, so I knew that I wanted to create some beams in the air - which is where the Pointes come in,” said Lisle. “We also used the MagicBlades for some fun effects behind the band as well.”

Lisle credits Bandit with a fantastic prep along with Bandit Lites tech Adam McIntosh’s incredible job at making sure everything was operating at 100 percent. The team work of the Bandit crew along with the show’s production made for a stunning result.

Andre Petrus was the programmer for the show, and Mark Carver (Dove Awards Show Designer) did an amazing job in taking care of us,” finished Lisle.

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